My Top 5 Nerdy YouTube Bloggers

I like to keep myself up to date in the gaming world so I spend a lot of time on Twitter and blogs, but mostly on YouTube. There are a lot of YouTube personalities who are funny, interesting and completely in the know about all things nerdy which keeps people like me as a subscriber. Here are my top 5 nerdy YouTube bloggers!

 Jesse Cox


Jesse Cox works for The Game Station, a really popular gaming news site. He has a big personality, speaks his mind and isn’t afraid to slam a game that he doesn’t like. He try’s out indie games as well as the bigger title and with his voice over commentary it makes it extremely funny.



ComicBookGirl19 is a big nerd culture blogger. She talks about comics, films and, my personal favorite of her videos, Game of Thrones. Shes a huge fan of the Game of Thrones books and even has a Lanister tattoo on her shoulder. She has a bunch of videos explaining everything that was in the books but left out of the series even though it was important to the story line and explains it brilliantly. She includes lots of cool concept art and explains it with her opinions  on each of the characters and Houses. Her videos are really interesting and funny and its defiantly worth checking out.



Criken also works for The Game Station but his videos are different to Jesse’s. He basically just plays random games with his friends and records and edits it to show the funnest parts. The videos are witty, hilarious and portray multiplayer gaming with close friends so well. He’s also really young so for someone his age to have a job in the gaming industry already is crazy good for him. Lucky bastard.



Dodger is another YouTube personality from The Game Station. She has bi-weekly news videos as well as a daily video called ‘Cofeeh Time’ which is where she just talks about her day. She also has a weekly 2 hour podcast with Jesse Cox, Total Biscuit and a random guest. Her videos are funny, informative and genuine as she makes her own scripts and appears to just improvise a lot of her stuff. If you want to keep up to date in the gaming world its defiantly worth checking out her videos.

Lewis and Simon from The Yogscast


The Yogscast is the main reason I got into video game blogging. Famous for their Minecraft videos, Lewis and Simon or Xephos and Honeydew are probably some of the most famous Youtube bloggers in the UK. They try out everything from the triple A titles right down to the most underground indie games. They have library’s of Minecraft videos made over the 3 years they’ve been around. Their humor is controversial and extremely British making their videos unique and hilarious. If you haven’t watched any of their stuff yet its defiantly worth checking out.

If you have any opinions on any of the fore mentioned bloggers or if you have any Youtuber’s that you like then please put them in the comments section below as I would love to have more people to watch.


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