Nine Awesome Geek Costumes

Video Game Costumes

So, Halloween is what, three months away now, and if you’re at all like me, you will already be thinking about awesome costume ideas and how you are going to top last years Video Game themed outfit. Or, you may just be off to a fancy dress party and using this article as inspiration – if so you go Glen Coco. Either way, you geeks will love these Video Game themed costumes, as they rock!

So, without further are the best video game costumes…ever. (Disclaimer – possibly not ever, but they are still awesome)

1. Super Mario Costume


Grab your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend and rock this outfit when you next fancy dressing up in a Video game themed costume, because its awesome. Yes, that is me in the photo above, and yes, it was super fun to wear it, and real easy to make!

2. Skyrim Costume


This is a pretty neat costume, and it’s from my favourite game of all time, so it rocks! If you have a stomach thats worth showing off, then you should totally wear this outfit. Plus, you have an excuse to shout FUS DO RAH at anyone, all night. Win.

3. Sonic Costume


Again, an awesome costume, though perhaps not perfect for summer, because you would be boiling in this get up! Channel your inner vintage gamer with this awesome suit. Just don’t go with someone dressed as tails, you know everyone will just end up hating on them!

4. Vintage Game


Show you’re an old school gaming fan by actually going as a arcade gaming machine, though beware of people trying to play with your joystick!

5. Minecraft Costume


This costume is amazing, although the face freaks me out a little! If you’re a huge Minecraft fan, then you will love this simple but awesome costume option. Go on, go kill some creepers whilst looking groovy.

6. Assassins Creed Costume


Get your inner assassin out for your next big social event, and rock this hooded number! It looks amazing, though would perhaps be difficult to construct at home! Just don’t be thinking you can jump across buildings when wearing this, it won’t work. At all.

7. Rayman Costume


This costume is actually one of my favourites on the list! Possibly because whenever I see Rayman I feel incredibly nostalgic. I think this costume rules, and will be wearing it myself when I am next dressing up! You can hold me to that!

8. Tunnel Snakes Costume


If you are a true Fallout fan, you will really appreciate this costume because it’s just incredible! Tunnel Snakes Rule – it is known. I love it, I wish I was artistic enough to make it myself!

9. Lara Croft


This costume is for the female heroines out there that want to look awesome this Halloween. I know that I will have to wear this costume one day, I am just waiting for the right moment to do so! Perhaps when I have to get my dual pistols out to kill some lions or tigers!


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