Top Ten Gaming Swag – Awesome Gifts For Gamers and Geeks

Awesome Gifts For Gamers and Geeks

We’ve all been there, trawling the web looking for an awesome birthchristvalentinesary present, and felt ourselves slowly loosing the will to live as we really can’t find anything awesome enough within our budget. So we buy a gift voucher and a box of chocolates and swear to do better next time. Well this is where this post comes in real handy for you geeks out there, as I have carefully compiled a list of the best and nerdiest presents that you can give your dear gamer for the next gifting occasion that pops up on your calender. How awesome of me right? So, without further ado, take your face out of your hands, and choose a bad ass gift from this collection of brilliant gadgets, gizmos and geek collectibles.

1. Nuka Cola Bottle and Caps

Nuka Cola

An amazing gift for gamers who, after spending many an hour virtually collecting these, feel like their effort should be rewarded with a physical copy of the famous Fallout Nuka Cola and the bottle caps. Pretty neat huh. Though I would have only one problem, I’d really want to drink it to pretend I was just out of Vault 101, but wouldn’t at the same time as it looks awesome. Maybe buy two? Sorted.

2. Minecraft Foam Pickaxe


Let your Minecraft loving buddy take his addition away from the PC and into reality with this replica Pickaxe. Pretty damn awesome, and a bargain, what more could you really ask for!

3. Portal 2 Replica Mini Portal Gun

portal replica gunA sized down version of the awesome gun that helped you complete even the most trickiest levels in the awesome game sequel  to Portal. It can be set to fire in either blue or orange, and has crazy good sound effects. Who wouldn’t want this? In fact, if you don’t want it, I don’t want to know you! But for everyone else awesome, the links below for you to get your hands on one too.

4. 8- Bit Flower Bouquet 


Have you upset the lovely lady gamer in your life in some way? Or perhaps you just want to show her you care. Either way, this 8-bit flower gift beats a normal bouquet of flowers hands down. Why you ask, well first of all, it is for life, no wilting and rotting with this present. Secondly, it’s a bargain compared to overpriced florist arrangements, and thirdly, well…it just is. Be a gent and buy her this today, I bet you get to have first go on the next game you buy if you do.

5. Bioshock Infinite Columbia Freight Messenger Bag

bioshockBe like Booker, and store your swag in an awesome messenger bag. Who knows, it looks like a perfect place for housing all those coins that you find randomly around the house. Brilliant and geeky, this makes a perfect gift for the gamer who has it all.

6. Star Wars Death Star Bird House

bird house


So technically not gamer swag, but still damn awesome, and probably appreciated by most geeks out there (sorry Trekkies) Keep the birds in your garden feeding off the dark side with this awesome and original bird feeder.

7. Omni Virtual Reality


Although this picture is a model of the actual machine, the video of it is worth having a look at in the link below, as this is bad ass piece of kit, and if you have enough money, it is well worth investing in this virtual gaming gadget. It is basically a treadmill, that allows you to walk through the gaming world with your own two feet. That’s right, you can actually walk around the world of Tamriel and hunt dragons with your own legs. Who says gamers are lazy! We just have been waiting for this sort of technology! If these were put in the gym, I swear all gamers would look like Brad Pitt.

8. NES Cartridge Gifts



Have your favourite game made into a vintage gaming cartridge with these awesome presents made by 72 Pins. With custom artwork carefully transferred onto the cartridge, that still has a random vintage NES game on it, it is the perfect present. It looks good, is awesome and has a little surprise in it! Win.

9. Borderlands 2 Loot Chest


Get this loot locker filled with Borderlands Swag, as well as a certificate that proves you are the best Borderlands fan to ever live. Sounds awesome right, that’s because it is. Treat your best buddy or lover to this for their birthday, and you will be their number one. Always.

10. Tunnel Snakes Jacket



Creative cats out there, it’s time to break out the sewing machine and fabric pens and start customising an old leather jacket to give your loved one the best present ever. That’s right, a personalised Tunnel Snakes jacket from Fallout 3. I don’t need to say anymore to sell this, as it’s just understood that everyone wants one. If you manage to make one, please post your creations in the comments! I’d love to see them!


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