Inspired by Comicon

[FREE COMIC AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE] I’ve always been into all things nerdy. Console gaming, World of Warcraft, everything and anything Starwars, but I never got into the whole idea of comics. I love graphic novels but I always presumed comics were just too expensive for such a short amount of reading time. But after Comicon I decided to give it a try. I went down to my local market where they sold comics and looked for as many #1’s as possible. I was only able to find three but for 9€ I was not disappointed.

Starwars Dark Times: Fire Carrier

I love Starwars so much that if I went to a professional psychologist he would say “Hey! You! You’re gay for Starwars”. I love Starwars so much that I have Han solo’s blaster on my wall next to the Millenium Falcon and a Rancor. I love Star wars so much that I have a Galactic Empire symbol tattooed to my left man boob. Any way, I digress. I bought a Starwars comic. There were a couple about but I made sure I went for ones based between episodes IV and VI as Stormtroopers > Clonetroopers. This one was action packed but the art was brilliant and the story was intriguing. I would have proffered to have followed the characters from their very first story line but this had its only little story within the main story line which made it a good read.


Aquaman #1

Equal to my Starwars obsession is my nautical obsession. I live by the sea, I am an avid sea swimmer, spear fisherman and diver so it makes sense that Aquaman interests me. Also I had just finished Injustice: Gods among us and Aquaman is a bad ass in that. This comic simply talks about how everyone feels about Aquaman. He gets made fun of by cops, robbers and even civilians, even though he just helped them. You feel sorry for him as he seems to be the butt of all superhero jokes even though he is as powerful and capable as everyone else. The story is great, the artwork is amazing and I now like Aquaman more.


Cable & Deadpool

Everyone I’ve met who talks about comics says “If your going to start comics, start with deadpool”. So I did and thought I might as well see what all the fuss is about. I was not disappointed. Deadpool is witty, funny and completely likable. He has so many fans across the world and after reading this comic you can see why. The art was great and the story was interesting but the scripting for Deadpool was the star of the show.

1157423So after my first taste of comics I can tell you, It tastes goooooood! I’m going to be looking out for some more #1 comics as well as the sequels for these so if any of you reading this have some suggestions/recommendations then please tell me in the comments section below. Also as a little reward for making it to the bottom of the page, here’s a freebee I found!


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