My Top 4 Free Games

As a gamer I’m always trying to get decent games at the cheapest prices. So when I manage to find a great game for free I give myself a big high-five, get a bunch of snacks and drinks and then nerd to my heart’s content. Here’s my top 4 free games I’m playing at the moment.

Starmade (PC/Mac/Linux)


The best way to describe Starmade is Minecraft in space. It’s a voxel game where you make a space ship with basic equipment and not much money and go out in to the furthest reaches of space looking for valuable minerals to earn you more credits. You can then use these credits to build a bigger ship with more fire power and equipment. Eventually you can build space stations and factory’s to help rake in the cash and store your ships. But you must also watch out for pirates because if they kill you and find your parked ship, they will rob you and leave you with nothing but the jet pack on your back. The game is multiplayer and lets you host your own dedicated servers so you can have your own fleet of ships or command your own super ship. Defiantly worth checking out if you’re ether a Sci-Fi or Minecraft fan.


Spartacus Legends (Xbox 360)


Spartacus Legends is an interesting take on the 3D fighting game world, following closely in the footsteps of Deadliest Warrior the game. Its gory, politically incorrect and dangerously infuriating whilst being completely addictive at the same time. You start off with one slave who, as you gain money and fame, you can upgrade with the best armor and weapons in the whole of Rome. It doesn’t have a story line but the moves are fluid and the armor and weapons look great. But I will still never get over the fact that my war hammer wielding super slave was defeated by a Gladiator called Nervus the Spastic who used nothing but his fists! If you have an Xbox 360 with a gold membership then head over too Xbox Live now to download your copy.


Verdun Beta  (PC/Mac/Linux)


Verdun is a first person shooter set around the battle of Verdun in 1916. The beta is bloody brilliant allowing for ether 8 vs 8 trench warfare or 16 person free for all battles. Don’t worry, you wont be sat in a muddy hole slowly succumbing to trench foot. The game is a fast paced territory battle. You have the choice between bolt-action rifles, a clunky machine gun or a pistol wielding officer who can rein hell on the enemy with mortar barrages. As you move over no-mans-land and into the enemy trenches you have to eliminate the enemy in order to secure that location for your team. The long distance shooting is fun and scary as it’s essentially a sniper match. The short distance shooting is even more terrifying as you wildly swing your bayonets, avoid pistol and machine gun rounds whizzing past you and launch grenades into enemy fox holes. It’s a brilliant game that isn’t demanding on your system. It normally takes a while to get into a game which can be frustrating but it is almost always worth it. Its available on  PC, Mac and Linux so go download it now!


Broforce  (PC/Mac/Linux)


Broforce is an in-browser game which is super fast, explosive and funny. It includes cameos from Die Hard’s John McClane, Chuck Norris, Mr. T, Alien’s Ellen Ripley, and Terminator’s Sarah Connor. It’s a completely crazy game which is hard to describe so I will let the creative team behind Broforce describe it for me.

“Broforce is a hyperviolent action platform game. It features 90′s blockbuster movie action heroes making up the Broforce team- an under-funded vigilante paramilitary organisation – saving the world from satanic alien terrorist investment banker businessmen in non-stop, fast paced co-operative strategic mayhem filled with more action and explosions than anything else, ever.”

You’re probably still confused about what he hell this game is about so I will let you decide for yourself. Play it in the link below!


Tell me what you think of the games in the comments section below! If you know of any other great free games then link them in the comments section below so the other readers, The Console Chronicle team and I can check them out because what brightens a person day more than a free game… nothing. Nothing at all.


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