Top Ten Geeky Cupcakes


I love to bake. For me, after work, nothing beats heading into the kitchen to whip up a batch of double chocolate cupcakes, or fresh fluffy scones. Sometimes though, I enjoy ‘theme-ing’ my baking. By which I mean taking a certain date, or colour, or even TV series and making awesome products based on them. If I were to whip up a batch of geeky cupcakes, these are the top ten designs I would totally try my hand at:

1. Social Media Cupcakes


Why not celebrate the launch of your new blog, or the one hundred views milestone on your awesome YouTube video, with a tasty cupcake treat. They do look so slick as well, maybe this is because logos these days are so brilliantly designed. Yum.

2. Pac-Man Cupcakes


How awesome is this? The only problem here though, is which one do you eat? Because surely you don’t want to break the chain! I love the little ghost cupcakes the most.

3. Xbox Cupcakes


So there is no way I would ever be able to pull of something quite this awesome! But I love it! Imagine baking up a batch of these for a night when you have everyone over for some multiplaying Halo or Guardians of Middle Earth. Everyone will be your best friend, which will surely mean you get the biggest screen right?

4. Science Cupcakes


No specific theme, just awesome crazy science cupcakes that look amazing, and probably taste great too! I personally think they should be taken to the next level though, and be topped with coffee molecule diagrams etc made out of the little coloured balls.

5. Ghostbuster Cupcakes


I absolutely love these! Ha, they are fantastic. Imagine eating these whilst watching the classic Ghostbusters movie. If you make them, you have an excuse to watch, not that you would need one. Win.

6. Game of Thrones Cupcakes


How awesome are these? I love the cross hatch detail that has gone into the Stark wolf symbol. If you made these for the launch of the next series, which is real soon now, you would be a hero among your friends. It is known.

7.  Adventuretime Cupcakes


These cupcakes are ALGEBRAIC , though why not go the whole hog and make even more characters as you go along? In fact, I might go give it a try after this!

8. Skyrim Cupcakes


These are worthy of being eaten even by a dragonborn hero. I love the helmet toppers! If I saw these on the counter I would have to hope I am as decent at sneaking in real life as my wood elf is in Skyrim, so I could steal one and quick. Yum.

9. iPhone Cupcakes.


This one is for all you Apple fanboys out there, who like me, think this cake is about as awesome as our little handheld device. I would totally appreciate this for my birthday, if anyone is up for baking it for me! I might just make some for when I upgrade to the iPhone 5,  just because.

10. Batman Cupcakes


Just look at Batman, lording over his epic cupcakes, keeping watch in case the Joker or Scarecrow come and attempt to steal one of his amazingly decorated treats. Such cool cakes.


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